About Dawn

Oree Real Estate, LLC was born of Dawn Oree’s love of homes and her desire to help people create wealth through real estate.  As a child growing up in Detroit’s inner city, Dawn dreamt of living and working in beautiful spaces around the globe.  Dawn followed her passion for real estate working with investors as they purchased, fixed, flipped or rented properties all over Metro Detroit.   Dawn worked as an assistant, project manager for renovations and property manager.  To round out her knowledge, she worked as a loan processor.  She also learned about real estate through her time in her grandfather’s  business as a construction assistant.

The love of beautiful environments was the catalysts for obtaining her BFA in Art and Commercial Interiors.  In 2005 Dawn founded Phenomenal Spaces By Dawn, LLC and began working with real estate investors to create beautiful spaces.  Phenomenal Spaces By Dawn, LLC is a full service interior design firm that offers commercial and residential services. As Property Liaison Dawn connected buyers and sellers in off-market property sales.  

Licensed in two states, Dawn has sold residential properties in Michigan and California.  She has been a referring agent for clients nationally.  Dawn has helped clients reach their real estate goals in the best and worst economies in history. With over 15 years in Real Estate, Dawn desired to grow and expand her services to better support her clients.  

In 2020, she joined AARE and began building the relationships that shifted the trajectory of her life and her business in the direction of her ultimate vision.  Dawn’s array of services include real estate investment, syndication, commercial real estate, exchange, as well as international real estate to her clients.   By tapping into her core value systems, she works with focus and intention to be an advisor, a support, and a trusted resource for each client’s individual goal. If you’re interested in investing internationally, view her international website.

“It’s my pleasure to be part of every exciting venture my clients see for themselves.  Some clients are looking for peaceful surroundings to call home.  Others are looking for ways to create income.  Still other clients have a goal of building a legacy for their family.  For many clients, their goals are a strategic combination of all of those desires.   We also have clients that want to dispose of properties to move into retirement, larger land investments, or other investment vehicles.  Whatever the client’s vision is, we are honored to work with them to achieve their goals.”  – DawnOree, Realtor©

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Interview at SDAR Expo 2018